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This is me, this semester, I teach Civics, I don’t know how to start, but keep on spirit girl. I wish I could reach my happiness sooner. Amin

Alam Tirta Lestari

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Counting stars here is very fun, wishing him by my side. Weekend is like a minute, so I can’t wait for those days. Right here in the middle of the night, I usually spend my time to write a worksheet although it is unfinished but it’s okay it’s my first and I only have a very short time to do it. Tonight I only hear the sound of the refrigerator and the sound of the animals as my house is very near with the front garden. It’s so peaceful but creepy. Someday, I don’t want to buy a house in a very quiet place, at least I have a friend to talk to, I mean having a friend at the same age. Like Miss Gibtha, where is she? Long time no see, I think she’s very busy with her works, she promised me to stay for a night, but may be I have to forget her promise because she has to take care of Audrey. Somehow, I usually hear the strange voice from the back of my house, my neighbor said it was my back neighbor, may be they made something, I don’t know. The voice is very often. Oh, no creepy then, stop okay. It’s time to go sleeping then.

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Saturday, November 10th 2012,

Today is the day for the art performances, I like staying at school to see all of the performances, because I like music a lot. Imagine that how much should we pay for the concert? It’s obviously cost a lot right, so I prefer the free one, that is today performances. I love the songs from each band, I admire how beautiful their voice are! Somehow if I have a chance I will become a singer, exactly I enjoy it a lot. Having crowd, cheers and being admired. Being a teacher is a really hard work. But it should be done sincerely, right!

My note

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The busiest month,

You know I have to accompany Kenny Valentino and Chika Sunarto my students to join Speech in SMA 7 Bogor, I have to make a worksheet, I have to help my friend, Ibu Yuli to distribute letters from students in America. But Alhamdulillah I can do them well, tired of course, but it depends on us, say yes or no.